UPDATED: 2018/02/01 16:43 AM Microsoft has fixed this issue for all available operating systems

The issue arises when this update is installed. It was released on January 3 by Microsoft in order to correct security bugs in Intel chips. These bugs made all x86/64 devices’ and some ARM models’ memories vulnerable to being read by other processes.

Spotting the issue

In addition to stopping the E3 Server, the bug will also write a line in the logs similar to this:

1238 2018-01-04 06:24:36.874 0xD44 0x2200 LOCALSERVER__ CreateDomain: E3Run failed to attach SharedMemory (80070005) for domain 'C:\projeto.dom' 14

Elipse E3/Power 3.5 or higher are affected by this issue; this happens because these tools share memory in the processes. Intel chips are not the only one affected by this issue, but also some AMD settings.

To uninstall KB4056892 manually:

Go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Resources > Display Installed Updates

Select KB4056892 and click Uninstall. After a few minutes with no progress or update bars, a message to reboot the system will be displayed. Click Restart now.

The Windows 10 version is then reverted back to Build 16299.125.

AuthorAlexandre Corrêa