BREAKING NEWS: Elipse E3 and Elipse Power may stop working unexpectedly to Windows 10’s latest update.

UPDATE: 2018/01/04 5:13 PM Our development team is working on a permanent solution to this issue. Meanwhile, follow the instructions below. Due to Windows 10’s latest update, the Elipse E3 and Elipse Power systems may stop working unexpectedly.

We advise that new Windows 10 updates be disabled until Microsoft fixes this bug. To disable updates, see this article.

If the version of your operating system version has already been updated, we recommend restoring it to its previous version. To do so, see our tutorial below.

The Windows 10 Build 16299.192 (this last number is very important) is INCOMPATIBLE with Elipse E3 and Elipse Power.

Although only Windows 10 has been affected so far, it is very likely that other systems supported by Microsoft will be affected in a similar way in the future.

For any questions, please contact Elipse Software’s technical support immediately.

More detailed information (under development)

The issue arises when this update is installed. It was released on January 3 by Microsoft in order to correct security bugs in Intel chips. These bugs made all x86/64 devices’ and some ARM models’ memories vulnerable to being read by other processes.

Spotting the issue

In addition to stopping the E3 Server, the bug will also write a line in the logs similar to this:

1238 2018-01-04 06:24:36.874 0xD44 0x2200 LOCALSERVER__ CreateDomain: E3Run failed to attach SharedMemory (80070005) for domain 'C:\projeto.dom' 14

Elipse E3/Power 3.5 or higher are affected by this issue; this happens because these tools share memory in the processes. Intel chips are not the only one affected by this issue, but also some AMD settings.

To uninstall KB4056892 manually:

Go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Resources > Display Installed Updates

Select KB4056892 and click Uninstall. After a few minutes with no progress or update bars, a message to reboot the system will be displayed. Click Restart now.

The Windows 10 version is then reverted back to Build 16299.125.